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[movies]Contra TAS by zyr2288 - zyr2288
Contra TAS by zyr2288
Keywords: contra
Downloads: 5,302
[movies]Contra (NES) - Low % (no items) 0:13:24 - Ray Cullen - Ray 'Croc Doc' Cullen
Speed run of Contra with no items collected, done on October 28 2006. Available in five qualities: low/normal quality DivX, and normal/high/low quality H.264 MPEG-4. Author's comments: A few years ago, I was on this kick where I'd try to do incredibly difficult or crazy things in my old NES games. I had played these games so often when I was younger that I became bored with beating them the "standard" way, so I thought I'd try things to liven them up...
Keywords: Contra; low%
Downloads: 1,762
[movies]Contra (NES) - 0:11:25 - Tommy Montgomery - Tommy Montgomery
Speed run of Contra done on February 18 2006. Available in four versions: low quality, normal quality, and 60fps high/insane quality. I started this back in October of 2005, but left it unfinished as repeatedly playing this game got boring very quickly. At the end of January, there was a sudden onslaught of people claiming they had completed the run in approximately 12 minutes, but no runs ever surfaced, to my everlasting disappointment...
Keywords: Contra; NES
Downloads: 2,778 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Contra (NES) - 0:10:40 - Freddy Andersson - Freddy 'Frezy_man' Andersson
Speed run of Contra, done on May 28 2007. Available in five versions: low/normal quality DivX, and normal/high/low quality H.264 MPEG-4. Author's comments: * February 2006, Tommy Montgomery, 11:25 * June 2006, Freddy Andersson, 10:55 * December 2006, 10:50, Ray Cullen * May 2007, 10:40, me, Frezy, again.. I remember Tmont's 11:25. A great run. Someone said it was the most perfect run so far and someone said that it was only 10 seconds of mistakes, and I pretty much agreed...
Keywords: Contra; NES
Downloads: 5,059
[movies]Contra: Hard Corps (GEN) - Multiple paths as Browny - Mike Uyama
Speed runs of all five paths through Contra: Hard Corps as Browny, completed on September 17 2006. Available in six qualities: low/normal quality DivX, and normal/high/insane/low quality H.264 MPEG-4. Author's comments: Chase Joe, surrender path as Browny: Here is a little FAQ for anyone interested. Q: Why did you pick Browny? His weapons suck. A: All of them except for weapon C (the yoyo), which is unbelievably broken...
Keywords: Contra; Genesis
Downloads: 9,091
[movies]Contra (NES) - 0:10:50 - Ray Cullen - Ray 'Croc Doc' Cullen
Speed run of Contra, done on December 25 2006. Available in five versions: low/normal quality DivX, and normal/high/low quality H.264 MPEG-4. Author's comments: It's a Christmas miracle! It took some time, but I was finally able to finish my Contra speed run. The run can be improved, but I won't be the one doing it. It'll be years before I even think about playing this game again. Let's break down each level: Jungle - I usually beat the boss 1-2 seconds faster, but I was really tired of resettin...
Keywords: Contra; NES
Downloads: 3,412
[movies]Contra (NES) - 0:10:55 - Freddy Andersson - Freddy 'Frezy_man' Andersson
Speed run of Contra done on June 12 2006. Available in six versions: normal/low quality DivX, and normal/high/insane/low quality H.264 MPEG-4. Author's comments: I played probotector when I was "young". Its the same game as Contra with two exceptions. Probotector is slower and the charachters is robots instead of "warguys" there. My best time for Probotector was 13:25 when Contra arrived from USA. A few hours of attempts ended up with this run...
Keywords: Contra; NES
Downloads: 2,376
[movies]TAS scrimpeh's MSX Contra in 10:21.37 - Scrimpeh
Link: http://tasvideos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10842
Keywords: TAS; Contra; MSX; scrimpeh
Downloads: 630
[movies]Contra 3 (SNES) - Hard mode 17:00 - Mike Uyama - Mike Uyama
Speed run of Contra III: The Alien Wars on hard mode done on September 11 2005. Available in three versions: low quality, normal quality, and 60 fps high quality. Author's comments: -Played at the hardest difficulty -No programming errors abused -Single segment -No deaths...don't believe me? Watch the run. -The run was recorded using a Super Nintendo and a VCR. Thanks go to Nate for capturing. Note: I don't have a copy of the run on me, and I lost my notes...
Keywords: Contra; Super Nintendo
Downloads: 40,453
[movies]Contra III: The Alien Wars (SNES) - Hard mode 0:16:07 - Josh Styger - Josh Styger
Speed run of Contra III: The Alien Wars on Hard mode, done on December 14 2007. Available in five versions: low/normal quality DivX, and normal/high/low quality H.264 MPEG-4. Author's comments: * Stage 1: I grabbed laser spread instead of double spread because I think it's faster. The first wall can be taken down faster. Also with some luck the turtle boss can be beaten a lot faster. * Stage 2: With some luck you can beat the boss with one set of double crush missiles...
Keywords: Contra; Hard mode; Super Nintendo
Downloads: 3,830
[movies]Contra: Shattered Soldier (PS2) - 2-player 0:26:52 - Danny & Alex Ong - Danny & Alex Ong
Speed run of Contra: Shattered Soldier on 2-player mode, done on February 17 2007. Available in six versions: low/normal quality DivX, and normal/high/insane/low quality H.264 MPEG-4. Author's comments: First of all, i would like to mention despite the game appearing to have 3 weapons, there are only two(plus charged versions of course). FULL STOP. :) I now state all the mistakes/stuffups and you can assume everything else is perfect...
Keywords: Contra; 2-player; PlayStation 2
Downloads: 4,077
[movies]Super Contra 7 in 04:39.87 by Marx - Marx
Author's comments: http://tasvideos.org/3602S.html
Keywords: Super Contra 7; TAS; Tool-Assisted Speedrun
Downloads: 569
[movies]NES Contra TAS in 10:15.1 by Genisto - Genisto
For more details, see http://tasvideos.org/643M.html This TAS is 1:23.1 faster than the previous one by Mathieu P. It takes better care in optimization but fires many stray shots, largely due to using autofire for extended periods of time, even when there is nothing to shoot at. This movie takes advantage of the single stream technique, but not until halfway through stage 2.
Keywords: Tool-assisted; Speedrun; NES; Contra; Genisto
Downloads: 67
[movies]Marx's NES Super Contra 7 in 04:33.12
Tool-assisted speedrun: http://tasvideos.org/3681S.html
Keywords: Marx NES Super Contra 7 tas
Downloads: 1,161
[movies]NES Contra TAS in 10:06.73 by qcommand
For more details, see http://tasvideos.org/16M.html Trivia: This game was released as Probotector in Europe with slightly modified graphics. It is also known as GryZor on some other systems. It's the guy who has infinite supply of ammo and who destroys worlds barechested. This Contra movie is 8 seconds faster than Genisto's version, which was here earlier, and shoots much less.
Keywords: Tool-assisted; Speedrun; TAS; NES; Contra; qcommand
Downloads: 325
[movies]Super C (NES) - 12:39 (US version) -Jean-Francois Durocher (aka. Genisto)
This game is sort of Contra 2. The guy who has infinite supply of ammo and who destroys worlds bare-chested is back! This movie is a 39 seconds improvement to the previous version and wasn't stuck with the fire button. Selected comments from the author: "At the Final Boss section, I have lost a life to get the normal weapon, because the boss is beaten faster with it."
Keywords: Contra; NES; Emulated run; tool-assisted speedrun
Downloads: 2,258 3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars3.50 out of 5 stars(3 reviews)
[movies]NES Contra Force in 12:23.62 by GlitchMan - GlitchMan
Contra Force on the NES Emulator Used FCEUX 2.1.2-interim Priorities * Aims for fastest time * Abuses programming errors in the game * Takes damage (or commits deaths since one hit kills you) to save time The Characters Character - running speed (in hexadecimal) - jumping order Burns - 1.38 - Highest jump Smith - 1.30 - Second lowest jump Iron - 1.20 - Lowest jump Beans - 1.3F - Second highest jump Jump Glitch If you are in the air and you go to the pause menu then unpause while you hold jump, y...
Keywords: NES; Contra Force; TAS; GlitchMan; classic; gaming
Downloads: 1,292
[movies]GB Operation C in 11:05.57 by ventuz - ventuz
Publication: http://tasvideos.org/730M.html The barechested alien crushing ultra macho hero is back, and he's portable this time! This Contra game combines elements from the original Contra and Super C while adding some elements into one action packed game. Watch our hero cruise through 5 levels of steadily increasing difficulty yet still crushing those aliens in record time. Be sure to click the publication link for more information.
Keywords: Operation; C; Contra; TAS; Tool; Assisted; Speedrun; GB; Game; Boy
Downloads: 103
[movies]Genesis Contra - The Hard Corps (JPN) "best ending" in 17:36.97 by Soig
Submission: http://tasvideos.org/3028S.html
Keywords: Contra; Hard; Corps; Genesis; TAS; Tool; Assisted; Speedrun
Downloads: 724
[movies]SNES Contra 3: The Alien Wars (USA) "glitched" in 03:32.13 by Dark Cloud - Dark Cloud
For more information, see http://tasvideos.org/1055M.html Here we have another game completely demolished by abuse of game breaking glitches. The author initiates a glitch involving the character dying and gaining a 1-up during the fadeout to a Game Over screen. This allows him to skip many levels and complete the game in just 3 and half minutes! For fast completion that does not use this glitch there is the 2-player version: http://tasvideos.org/787M.html
Keywords: Contra III; Super Nintendo; TASVideos; Tool Assisted; Speedrun; Dark Cloud
Downloads: 261
[movies]NES Contra TAS in 11:38.2 by Mathieu Pronovost - Mathieu Pronovost
For more details, see http://tasvideos.org/675M.html This was the first publication of NES Contra on TASVideos. It uses one player and takes advantage of the spread gun but not the "single stream" effect.
Keywords: Tool-assisted; Speedrun; NES; Contra; Mathieu Pronovost; Nintendo
Downloads: 262
[movies]NES Contra "pacifist" TAS in 09:35.93 by Soig - Soig
Submission: http://tasvideos.org/3300S.html Publication: http://tasvideos.org/1883M.html Contra completed fast with one distinct goal: do not kill, unless absolutely necessary to complete the game. The hero shows the ultimate display of pacifism by sacrificing his own life in order to not harm the Level 5 tanks. This movie is 5.42 seconds faster than the preceding version due primarily to greater use of a jumping glitch...
Keywords: NES; Nintendo; TAS; Tool-assisted; Speedrun; Contra; pacifist; Soig
Downloads: 657
[movies]Genesis Contra: Hard Corps (JPN) "secret ending" in 04:59.47 by Ash_Williams - Ash_Williams
For more information, see http://tasvideos.org/906M.html Contra: Hard Corps (1994) was the first game in the series to be exclusively released on a non-Nintendo console. The game took a lot of elements from previous installments and spiced them up with even more dynamic combat, different playable characters, nonlinear plot and about twice the amount of boss fights. In this movie the author takes the secret "fifth ending", thereby skipping most of the game...
Keywords: Genesis; Contra: Hard Corps; TASVideos; Tool Assisted; speedrun; Konami; Ash_williams
Downloads: 216
[movies]TAS NES Super contra in 1316.1 by solg
Tool-assisted speedrun Submission: http://tasvideos.org/2926S.html
Keywords: nintendo; entrainment; system; nes; super; contra; japanese; tas; tool; assisted; speedrun; speed; run; superplay
Downloads: 1,019
[movies]Genesis Contra - The Hard Corps in 14:07.52 by Soig - Soig
Tool-assisted speedrun Link to submission: http://tasvideos.org/2987S.html
Keywords: tas; tool; assisted; tool-assisted; speed; run; speedrun; genesis; megadrive; mega; drive; sega; konami; contra; the; hard; corps
Downloads: 724
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